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Using Posters Without Protective Plexiglass: A Stylish Choice

Posters have become an integral part of modern interiors, allowing for the expression of individuality and creating a unique atmosphere in any room. With advancements in printing technology, the quality of posters has significantly improved, and they can now be used even without protective coverings. Let’s explore why ArtDarts posters are perfect for use without plexiglass and how this can enhance their appearance.


High-Quality Materials
Our posters are printed on matte FSC-certified premium paper weighing 250 gsm. FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification ensures that the paper is made from wood sourced from responsibly managed forests that consider environmental, social, and economic aspects. This means that by choosing our posters, you are supporting sustainable development and environmentally friendly production.


Anti-Glare Surface
One of the key advantages of our paper is its matte, anti-glare surface. It helps avoid unwanted reflections that can occur with glossy protective glass. This is particularly important for rooms with a lot of natural or artificial light, where reflections can interfere with enjoying the artwork.


UV Resistance
Our paper is UV-resistant, providing additional protection against fading. This ensures that your posters will remain bright and vibrant for a long time, even without protective covering. You can be confident that your investment in art will stay attractively unchanged for many years.


Aesthetic Appeal
Using posters without plexiglass can add a special charm and style to your interior. The absence of glass allows for better appreciation of the paper’s texture and print details, creating a more lively and natural look. Additionally, it eliminates the possibility of glass breaking, which is an important safety aspect, especially in homes with children or pets.


Easy Maintenance
Posters without plexiglass are easier to maintain. They only require occasional dusting with a soft dry cloth to remove dust. This is much simpler than cleaning glass, which often leaves fingerprints and streaks.


ArtDarts posters offer high quality and aesthetic appeal even without the use of protective plexiglass. The high-quality matte paper, UV resistance, and anti-glare surface make them an excellent choice for any interior. By opting out of glass, you can emphasize the style and individuality of your space without losing any functional benefits. Choose stylish and eco-friendly solutions with ArtDarts!

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